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    Company Instroduction


    welcome to the website of Roadease Guidance, Here we try to tell you a bit about
    Roadease Guidance, give you some information about the way we work with, and our products

    About us

    Roadease Guidance was founded in 2001, Present in Great China, America, Europe, Asia and other regions around the world, with registered capital 500million Yuan and two production bases in Shenzhen, Nanjing which are totally over 10010 square meters. We are today the famous architectural sign company in China.

    Roadease Guidance the founder of sustained management

    For 10 years our success bases on the aim that we are working to become a valued partner to our customers, to take their benefits precedent over all.

    Roadease Guidance the practitioner of professionalism

    For 10 years we have been providing customers around the world with world-class signs which look good, work well and support their brands. With the Roadease Guidance solution, you will know where to go and feel safe.

    Roadease Guidance the leader of sign innovation

    For 10 years we stay on the core of innovation. We are constantly trying new techniques and materials and experimenting to provide more creative products. It is our passion!

    One mission: providing excellent service to meet the specific needs of our customers.

    Two manufacturing bases: Shenzhen production base and NanJing production base

    Three advantages: Perfect function to support Easy to install well-suited to use

    Four features:

    The modern and stylish design concept derives from Europe.

    The ingenious workmanship transcends conventions.

    The colorful and elegant style orients fashions.

    The convenient and various composite patterns meet the needs.

    Five Business areas

    Healthcare, Education, Commerce, Office, Community.

    Roadease Guidance is proud cooperation partner with

    Advertisement Company; Design Firm, Sign Company, Fabrication Company, Decoration Company and the Engineering Corporation.

    Why Roadease Guidance

    Roadeaseis taken from transliteration of Road Ease, which means plain sailing.

    Guidanceis taken from transliteration of Guidance, which means guiding and directing.

    Give us the opportunity to consult and partner with you and we will earn your trust to uniquely bring your corporate identity to light!

    In the company of Roadease Guidance, on the plain sailing way.

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